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CBN and diamond grinding wheels for mobile and commercial sawmills
CBN wheels for narrow bandsaw blades
A  better way to sharpen narrow bandsaw blades.



  •  Long wheel life.
  • Bandsaw blades last twice as long---big savings.
  • Holds its profile.
  • Sharper teeth than grit wheels.
  • Consistent tooth shape.
  • Cleaner machine due to less abrasive dust.
  • Very easy to use.
  • No special coolant required.
  • Can be used dry.

                                                                                                                                                           What is CBN? It is Cubic Boron Nitride and is a superabrasive similar to    Diamond but much more suitable for sharpening hard steel and Stellite.

Why do CBN wheels last longer than grit wheels? Because CBN particles are much harder than grit particles and cut into the material instead of rubbing.

What makes of narrow bandsaw sharpening machines can use CBN wheels? Diagrinds CBN wheels are now used on Woodmizer LTAGA  and others. We welcome enquiries for other sharpener

Using CBN wheels on narrow bandsaw blades
  • CBN wheels can be used exactly the same as grit wheels.
  • Maximum life from the wheel can be achieved by taking light cuts. Two to three passes  per sharpening is normal.
  • It is possible to sharpen with one pass using CBN but wheel life will be shortened
  • All types of profiles are available.
  • In the event of steel being picked up on the CBN wheel surface the steel can be removed using a soft abrasive stick or a stub of a grit wheel. 
  • CBN wheels are excellent for Stellite.