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High quality and 100% customer satisfaction are our top priorities.
Commercial bandsaw mills and saw servicing companies.

Profile and side grinding CBN wheels for Stellite tipped bandsaw blades for many
sharpening machines including:

All Volmer bandsaw sharpening machines :

Profile wheels for  CA42, CA44, CA100, CA200, CA210 ,CA350, special conversions.

Side grinding wheels for CAF100, CAF310 and older versions.

All Iseli bandsaw sharpening machines:

Profile wheels for SBW, BS4, BC1 and older machines.

Side grinding machines for EM2, EBW and older versions.

All  Kohlbacher bandsaw sharpening machines

All Pemultini bandsaw sharpening machines.

Special 200mm  CBN wheels for all Loroch HSS circular saw sharpeners.

All other makes catered for--- just ask.


​Diamond and CBN wheels for all TCT and Stellite circular saw sharpening machines including:

Facing wheels ,top grinding wheels, side grinding wheels etc. for Volmer, Iseli etc.


​CBN and Diamond grinding wheels for all types of knife grinders including  Schneeberger,  Weinig, MVM etc    
Special CBN wheels for regrinding circular saw seats before re- tipping with Carbide. No profile loss at back of seats.
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Precision engineering applications

Full range from 50 to 350mm in diameter in Diamond and CBN. All shapes including peripheral, cup, saucer, angled  etc   
Special wheels catered for on  short delivery including double sided wheels and wheels to customer design.

The Diamond and CBN specialists